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Concrete Repair & Joint Fillers

SSP200 Rapid Repair Concrete Mender

SSP200 Rapid Repair is a two component crack & spall repair product that is mixed with sand and sets in 15 minutes


Crack repairs made with RapidRepair SSP200 and 20/40 sieve sand.

SSP200 Rapid Repair is the viscosity of water. It penetrates deeply into the capillaries of concrete creating thousands of micro anchor points, effectively mends concrete failures.

SSP 200 is available in side by side cartridges and two gallon kits and is available in both low odor and no odor products



SSP 200 Rapid Repair is available in 600ml cartridges packaged 6 cartridges per case and two gallon kits.

Side by Side Cartridges:

1:1 ratio liquids in dual 300ml cartridge is applied directly to a crack pre-filled with silica sand.  Cured material in grout flush in as little as 15 minutes after placing


Two Gallon Kits:

1:1 ratio liquids in rwo gallon kits are hand mixed with sand in a container and applied to spalls and large cracks.  Cured material is ground flush in as little as 15 minutes after placing.



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