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Polymer Concrete & Overlays Chemical Resistant & Durable

Polymer Concretes

Polymer Concrete

Polymer concrete is like ordinary concrete except that is uses a resin as a binder instead of portland cement and water.  The resin can be epoxy, novolac epoxy, furan, or vinylester.  Polymer concretes are primarily used in very corrosive environments where normal concrete and protective coatings quickly deteriorate and degrade.  Polymer concretes also have fast turnaround time and quickly achieve high physical strengths.  Turnaround time is generally 6 hours from pour time to cured where forms can be stripped or it can be open to traffic.  Compressive strengths are 8-10,000 psi in 4 to 6 hours and over 15,000 psi when fully cured.



  • High Chemical Resistance – several different resin types
  • High Impact and Abrasion Resistance
  • Quick Turnaround Time – ready for service in 6 hours


Degraded and compromised floor slabs can be brought back to life by using a polymer concrete floor overlay. This can be epoxy or cementitious urethane.

A half inch thick or greater overlay material can be placed over the existing floor slab using screed box or rake, depending on the consistency of the material being  used. The floor is finished either by hand or power troweling or by back rolling a self-leveling material to achieve a monolithic, flat, finished floor.

Machinery Grout

Machinery grout is a polymer concrete that it is more fluid and is typically epoxy resin with a blended aggregate mix.  It has very high impact, tensile, and compressive strengths and very low shrinkage.  It is used to provide uniform support for heavy equipment such as tanks, pump bases and support pedestals. It’s low viscocity allows it to flow easily and self-level under pre-set base plates. Cure times and turnaround time is very fast. Rezklad Machinery Grout -Dry Pack is a dry pack formulation for situations where forming and pouring material is not required or not practical.



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