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Liquid Stainless Steel & High Performance Paints

Superlife 316 is a single component water based paint filled with 316L stainless steel flake.  It has incredible dry and cure times and superior adhesion. Many customers paint and ship within 1 or 2 hours. Used extensively by OEM’s of medical and food packaging equipment and conveyors.  It has exceptional UV resistance and longevity outdoors.

Steel Plus 316 CE  is a water based, highly chemical resistant novolac epoxy paint with 316L grade stainless steel flake added as filler.  The natural color is that of 316L stainless steel.  Used heavily in food process and environments where high temperature wash downs and sanitization routinely occur



Advantages of Steel Plus 316 CE


  • State of the Art Water Borne Technology
  • 316L Stainless Steel Flake Filler – no pigment added
  • High-Performance Novolac Epoxy Resin Base


  • Near-Zero permeability with flake fillers
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals, CIP cleaners, and organics
  • Reflects heat and UV radiation
  • FDA / USDA Accepted
  • Resistant to high-temperature wash-downs
  • No odors
  • Low VOC’s, HAPS free
  • 4 hours pot life, fast dry time
  • Cleans up with soap and water

How to Build The Best Paint System:

If you want an extremely durable, high-performance paint system, you combine a high bond strength epoxy primer as a base coat with a highly chemical resistant epoxy binder filled with 316L stainless steel flake as a base coat and clear coat CE topcoat. Together they form a 6 mil DFT laminate that provides high bond strength, high tensile strength, and extremely low permeability to liquids with high resistance to corrosive chemicals.



Steel Plus Gloss CE WHITE & Custom Pigmented

The same Features and Benefits apply to the waterborne pigmented novolac epoxy resin as the Steel Plus 316 CE but without the stainless steel flake.  Standard White and company custom colors or clear coat products are available.  The pigmented products have exceptional hide with one coat and in some cases can go direct to metal (DTM).  These are typically OEM products for equipment suppliers of drives motors, compressors, etc.  Company colors are custom matched and stocked.


Silver Bullett AM  Anti-Microbial

is a water-based paint product that incorporates a silver & copper metallic  compound with 316 stainless steel, pigmented, or clear coat epoxy and  acrylic resin-based paint products to make an effective anti-microbial and  anti -fungus surface finish.  It is effective against over 650 strains of bacteria including MRSA, Lysteria, ecoli and others.  It is also available in aerosol spray.


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