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Primary & Secondary Containment Linings

Primary containment lining systems used to continuously hold harsh process or waste chemicals most likely require more that just a simple hi build coating system.  They normally need to be more robust and have enough integrity to not only hold up to the chemical service but also under adverse conditions such as abrasion and thermal cycles over many years.

Primary containment linings protect not only the containment structure itself but more importantly the surrounding environment and the health and safety of employees.
Products ranging from heavy duty spray applied mortars, fabric and fiberglass flake reinforced systems, thermoplastics, membrane, acid brick and mortar are among the selection of linings that may be appropriate for the service application such as tanks, trenches, sumps, pits or process vessels. 
Linings that initially appear “economical” may in fact cost much more if they require constant maintenance or fail prematurely.  We provide the capability to spark test most of our lining systems to certify the lining’s integrity after the initial installation or to verify it later. 


Lead Detection Monitoring System

Spark Testing

Anchor-Lok 8 page brochure…

Thermoplastic Linings

Anchor-Lok is mechanically anchored in concrete leaving a hairline interstitial space that allows for leak detection monitoring.  (See diagram)


Anchor-Lok is a pre-engineered, pre- fabricated thermoplastic lining assembly that incorporates PP, HDPE, PVC, and PVDF sheet, a patented conical anchor design, weld rod, and metal tape for spark testing to create a certified leakproof “system” that will provide maintenance free service for 40 years or more.  Anchor-Lok Linings also offer leak detection capabiliy


Feberglass Reinforced Linings:

Chempruf systems are both primary and secondary containment linings  from Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc.  They are typically either a high build epoxy, polyester, furan or vinyl ester resin that include fiberglass flakes or a multi – layer mortar and fiberglass matte reinforcement system.


Anchor-Lok Installation Sequence Wire Coil Pickle Tank Rehabilitation Project

The Fiberglass flakes in the coating and trowel systems eliminate permeation through the lining and the add a considerable tensile strength, abrasion and impact resistance.
Fiberglass fabric reinforced systems are typically 1/8″ thick and are trowel applied in layers of 60 to 90 mil basecoat and topcoat with resin saturated fiberglass fabric sandwiched in between.  This is a hand layup system that is similar that used in fabricating contact molded fiberglass tanks and boats.


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