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Floor & Wall Coatings

Resinous Floor & Wall Coatings

Floor Coatings
Many floor coatings are typically two or three coat systems that include a primer, a base or body coat and/or a topcoat.  Intermediate body coats may contain broadcast aggregate like sand, vinyl flakes, or colored quartz for added color and texture.
Floor systems can be decorative or industrial.  Decorative coating systems are pigmented and clear coats of either epoxies, urethanes or polyaspartics or combinations of different polymers.  Industrial Systems are more durable and can be epoxy or urethane, broadcast, trowelled, or self-leveling overlays applied in a single lif also include non slip textures and optional topcoats.
Rock-Tred manufactures products – epoxies, urethanes, polyaspartics, vapor barriers, fast set -one day systems, water-based primers and water based topcoats in high gloss, satin and matte finishes, stain resistant products, metallics,  pre-formed polymer cove base… name a few.
The products are easy to work with and are odorless. Universal color packs are available in a wide selection of colors and work with all floor and wall coating products.  Color packs provide flexibility and save money by reducing material inventory.  All products 

Wall Coatings

Wall systems are more than a paint job. Epoxy paints are typically only 2-3 mils thick, including primer.  High-Build epoxy wall coating systems are anywhere from 15-20 mils thick to 80-90 mils depending on the system.
As mentioned, they are a “systems” approach to wall treatments rather than a covering. High-Build coating systems are particularly useful in wash down service environments like food and beverage plants, locker rooms and bathrooms – anywhere higher levels of sanitation, cleanliness, durability and longevity are required.
Wall systems can include block fillers, primers, intermediate coats and topcoats of epoxy, urethane or polyaspartics.  They can be fabric reinforced and have decorative flakes added. They can incorporate an integral polymer cove base and anti-microbial additives to provide a seamless chemical and bacteria resistant surface that is durable and easy to clean and will maintain its appearance for many years


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